Tue, November 24, 2015

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Board Policy posted on this site may not reflect the most current policy. Use the Board Bylaws & Policies link under the Board of Education tab on the top naigation bar above for more accurate information. Be advised that there may be a short interval of time between the Board approval of a policy and the posting of the policy on the link above.


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pdf File Clark_Mills_PARCC_Schedule_2015_EOY_for_parents.xls.pdf
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48.06 Kb 04/14/15
pdf File GR_3_PARCC_ELA_Item_1.pdf
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78.16 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File GR_3_PARCC_ELA_Item_2_1.pdf
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162.27 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File GR_6_PARCC_ELA_Item_1_1.pdf
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81.64 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File GR_6_PARCC_ELA_Item_2.pdf
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89.24 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File GR_6_PARCC_ELA_Item_3_2.pdf
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104.79 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File GR_6_PARCC_ELA_Item_4_1.pdf
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72.70 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File Gr_7_PARCC_ELA_Item_1_0.pdf
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83.84 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File Gr_7_PARCC_ELA_Item_2.pdf
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93.37 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File LM_PARCC_Schedule_LM_2015.pdf
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234.58 Kb 02/11/15
pdf File MB_PARCC_Schedule_2015_PBA.pdf
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81.76 Kb 02/11/15
pdf File MEMS_PARCC_Schedule_8th_Grade_2015.pdf
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179.93 Kb 02/11/15
pdf File PARCC_Math_Sample_Problems_GR3FluencyV2.pdf
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68.21 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File PARCC_Math_Sample_Problems_GR3_Frac-Num-LineV2.pdf
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85.56 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File PARCC_Math_Sample_Problems_GR3_The_Field_PartAV2.pdf
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98.92 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File PARCC_Math_Sample_Problems_GR6_SliderV2_0.pdf
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130.47 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File PARCC_Math_Sample_Problems_GR7_SpeedV2.pdf
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158.21 Kb 12/06/12
pdf File PARCC_Schedule_WB_-_March_2015_Website.pdf
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105.09 Kb 02/11/15
pdf File PARCC_TM_Schedule_Website.pdf
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130.70 Kb 02/18/15
pdf File PARCC_Website_Schedule_LM_1.pdf
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232.70 Kb 02/12/15
pdf File Updated_PARCC_Schedule_Website.pdf
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148.53 Kb 03/02/15