Sun, December 17, 2017

New Entry Door Access Protocol Announced

As you are aware, the Board of Education held a public hearing regarding school security on January 15, 2013. The Power Point presentation is currently on the district web site and the entire presentation can be viewed on MTTN. While many topics concerning security were addressed, this letter will outline the new Entry Door Access Protocol.

Effective Monday, January 28, 2013, the new Entry Door Access Protocol will be implemented. This protocol is the result of an Emergency Management Team review by district administration and includes input from the Manalapan Police Department. Please note the following:

1.  No visitors may enter the building with students during arrival.

2.  To enter the school after the start of the school day, all visitors must have a prior appointment. The names of all individuals with appointments will be given to the office personnel prior to the start of the school day. All visitors without an appointment must contact the office approximately 20 minutes before arriving at the building. This will allow ample time for the secretaries to review school records to verify that the information supplied by the visitor is consistent with information in the district data base regarding individuals who are approved for access (parents/guardians and individuals on emergency contact lists.) Only parents/guardians and individuals named as emergency contacts will be allowed to enter the school building. (This does not include special events which will have separate lists prepared prior to the event.) Parents who are called by the nurse's office or have sent a note to the school with their child in the morning indicating that they will be picking the child up at a specific time do not need to call the office before coming to the building.  3. At the buzzer, all visitors will be expected to state their names and purpose of visit. Only those individuals who have an appointment or who have been in contact with the office will be allowed into the building. Supplying the required information at the time the individual uses the buzzer will not be acceptable and will not lead to entry.  4. Once buzzed in, all visitors must immediately report to the main office.  5. Visitors will be required to show photo identification and sign in prior to receiving a visitor's pass.  6. If an individual does not immediately report to the main office, it will be considered trespassing and the Manalapan Police Department will be contacted.

Over the next several weeks we will be modifying these procedures. Possible additions will include methods for parents to drop off materials (lunch, homework, etc.) without entering the building. We will also be presenting to the Board of Education a web-based visitor management system that will allow parents to schedule visits online and allow for real-time reviews of district selected data bases (sex crime offenders, individuals with restricted access by court order) through driver license checks.

Controlling access to our schools is a major aspect of school security. While these new rules clearly will represent an inconvenience for people in our fast-paced lives, the increase in predictability and advanced knowledge of who is approaching our schools looking for entrance will increase our ability to react appropriately in an emergency situation.