Sun, December 17, 2017

General Regulations

1. Attendance- Parents must inform the school if a child will be absent. Upon returning, the child must, by law, bring a written excuse signed by the parent. Parents are required to send their child to school each day, unless the child is physically incapacitated. Prolonged repeated absences, excused or unexcused, deprive the pupil of the classroom experience deemed essential to learning and may result in retention at grade level in accordance with policies of this board. A warning notice will be sent to the parent or legal guardian of any pupil, who has been absent/tardy more than five days in any one marking period.

2. Tardiness- Children not in their assigned classrooms at the designated time are considered tardy. They must report to the office for a tardy slip.

3. Visitors- All visitors are required to report to the office of the principal upon entering a particular school. Planned visits are to be requested of the principal 24 hours in advance.

4. Early Dismissal of Individual Students- The Manalapan Englishtown Regional Board of Education directs that school administrators are not required to approve, and shall discourage, the early dismissal of students. The board feels that the early dismissal of students is detrimental to the student and the school program in that it:

  • shortens the student's day and disrupts the routine.
  • disrupts and distracts from other responsibilities of the school staff.
  • creates a safety hazard due to interference with school bus traffic.

5. Care of School Property- Pupils are expected to exercise care in handling textbooks and other materials provided to meet their needs. Pupils should also realize that school buildings, grounds, and other facilities for their education are paid out of tax funds. Destruction of property, in any way, is subject to fines and punishment. 


Acceptable Use of Technology

To ensure that the technological resources of the district are used solely for the purposes for which they are provided, the Acceptable Use Regulations delineate the rules that govern use of the district's technology by all district personnel, non-district authorized users and students, hereby referred to as "users."

1. Users shall respect all information on the MERS data management and network systems and will not attempt to access the system to copy, modify, disclose, delete, or transfer information unless authorized to do so.

2. Users shall not deliberately violate or bypass security mechanisms installed on MERS computers or network systems.

3. Users shall not load or use unauthorized software on MERS computers or network systems.

4. Users shall understand that only computer equipment owned and identified by the district can be used.

5.Users shall abide by all patent, copyright, and license restrictions on hardware and software products.

6. Users shall not deliberately, or through abuse, damage computer hardware or software.

 7. Users shall not create, download, mail, distribute, or promote any material that may reflect bias, propose a danger to oneself or others, encourage illegal or unethical activity, or violate any federal, state, or local laws.

8. Users shall understand that all computer hardware and software is the property of MERS and the district retains the right to monitor and review any material stored on hard drives or network files or on other technology to which users have access.

9. Users shall only access websites that enhance or enrich curriculum, instruction, or data management.

10. Users shall abide by the following guidelines when communicating via the internet:

a. Do not reveal your personal address or phone number or those of their students or colleagues.

b. Be polite and use appropriate language in all communications.

c. Do not download any material that does not support the educational or management objectives of the district.

d. Do not download any material that will damage the district's computing facilities.

12. User shall abide by the following guidelines when creating web pages:

a. Approval must be obtained from the district Superintendent.

b. Content must be relevant to the curriculum or consistent with district objectives.

c. Content will be reviewed and approved prior to posting by administrative staff designated by the Superintendent.

d. Written permission from the parent/guardian must be obtained before any student's initial (first only), student's photo, or student's work is published on the web page.

13. Users shall understand that the use of MERS technology resources is a privilege and deliberate abuse will result in one or more of the following:

a. Cancellation of privileges for a specified time.

b. Confiscation of inappropriate software, files, or information.

c. Referrals or conferences involving various support staff or agencies.

d. Financial restitution or restoration of damaged facilities.

e. Suspension from school or position.

f. Prosecution for illegal activity. 

Student Use of Remotely Activated or Activating Communication Devices, Pages, Cellular Telephones

The Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Board of Education extends to students the privilege to possess, display, and use "Remotely Activated or Activating Communication Devices" before and after the instructional day provided such devices are not displayed, activated, or used inside school building during the instructional day. All such devices must be turned off and in a locker, backpack, or similar enclosure during the instructional day. The instructional day includes, but is not limited to lunch breaks, class changes, study halls, and any other structured or non-structured instructional activity that occurs during the normal school day as well as extra curricular activities or other school activities. Exceptions will be made for students with specific needs that require such devices as per the IEP.

Cell phones with cameras and other portable "Remotely Activated or Activating Communication Devices" capable of storing and transmitting or receiving images are banned from school property at all times. Students will be disciplined for the possession of cell phones with cameras on school property.

For a review of th entire policy, please contact your school.