Sun, December 17, 2017


Dr. J.R. Lopez

23 Kilmer Drive, Building No.2D (Off Route 9 at Union Hill Rd.)

Morganville, New Jersey 07751

Telephone: (732) 972-0900 



The Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Board of Education employs full-time school nurses.

 1. IMMUNIZATION- Board Policy required that every child be immunized against D.P.T, polio, measles (2 doses required- State Law as of 4/15/95), mumps, rubella, chicken pox (state law as of 6/2004), T.B. and hepatitis B vaccine multi-dose for children entering Kindergarten/Grade 1 (whichever occurs first) and Grade 6.

2.CONTAGIOUS DISEASE- Whenever a child has such a disease, the parents are requested to notify the school nurse. 

3. EMERGENCY- If a child becomes sick or injured at school, the school nurse will notify the parent and the parent will be responsible for transportation home. Parents must make prior arrangements if they are unavailable during school hours.

4. LIMITATIONS- First aid consists only of immediate, temporary treatment. The school nurse cannot diagnose, recommend treatment, or administer internal medication.

5. SPECIAL MEDICATION- Before any special medication may be administered, the following must be completed:

  • A note from a parent or guardian giving permission for medication to be administered.
  • A note from a physician stating the name of the medication, the dosage, and the length of time that it is to be administered.
  • All prescription medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle or container and all non-prescription medication must be in its original bottle or container.
  • The parent, guardian, or the designated adult must deliver the medication to the school nurse. Children are not permitted to carry medication to school at any time.
  • Physicians providing medical instructions to the school nurse over the telephone must transmit written confirmation to the school nurse with 48 hours thereafter.
  • When a medical condition requires treatment for a period of more than one month, the physician may be required to update the written instructions each month.
  • Medication cannot be given to bus drivers to bring into school.

6. PHYSICAL EDUCATION- To be excused from physical education, please note the following:

a. A note from a physician is required when a child is to be excused for any length of time. To be reinstated, another note must come from his/her physician.

b. A parent note excuses for one day only.

c. A nurse may excuse a child for one day with legitimate cause.